Unable to run Vuze

When ever I try to run Vuze I get the following output and the Vuze download never starts.

using MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME=/usr/lib/xulrunner- and MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH=/usr/lib/browser-plugins
GRE/XULRunner automatically found
java virtual machine used: /usr/lib/jvm/java/bin/java
classpath used: /usr/share/java/Azureus/swt-3.5-I20080702-0939.jar:/usr/share/java/Azureus/Azureus4.jar:/usr/share/java/Azureus/swt.jar
main class used: org.gudy.azureus2.ui.swt.Main
flags used:
options used: -Xms16m -Xmx128m -Djava.library.path=/usr/lib64/Azureus:/usr/lib/Azureus -Dazureus.install.path=/var/lib/Azureus -Dazureus.script.version=2 -Dazureus.script=/usr/bin/vuze
arguments used:
file:/usr/share/java/Azureus/swt-3.5-I20080702-0939.jar ; file:/usr/share/java/Azureus/Azureus4.jar ; file:/usr/share/java/Azureus/swt-3.5-I20080702-0939.jar ; file:/home/jacob/

Is this the error starting azureus from a terminal?
Are you using Vuze from Packman?

You may want to try changing your java version from openJDK to Sun Java (or the other way around depending on what you’re using atm). Vuze seems awfully picky with it’s java runtime environment.

Yes I installed vuze from packman repo. And I use Sun Java. I used to be able to run this fine till i upgraded to suse 11.1 Now Vuze doesn’t work. Nor does my totem Video player. The video player always gives an error saying codec missing, where as the other players like Kaffane and MOlayer r playing the videos just fine.

You didn’t clarify if the error you reported was from a terminal start of ‘azureus’

Yes I got that error while trying to start Vuze from the terminal, I tried direct launch too and nothing happens.

Download this file
SourceForge.net: Azureus: Downloading …

copy to

There will already be a file of that name so you need to overwrite. Copy the file as is.
If that does not do it. Report the problem to Packman

Will try it now.