Unable to reinstall grub using yast2 bootloader

Trying out a new distro and install the new distro (together with it’s grub) next to my openSUSE partition.

Something went wrong with the new distro installation and I’m unable to login after installation, however it’s grub* did detect openSUSE and I’m able to boot into openSUSE as usual.

Wanted to restore openSUSE’s grub using yast2 bootloader.
Everything went normal and reboot but no sign of openSUSE’s grub, the old grub* is still there.

Tried *** grub-install /dev/sda *** but it complians and asked me to use yast2 bootloader which I’ve retried without success.

WARNING! You are trying to invoke the unsupported grub-install script
with a parameter. To really do this, call grub-install.unsupported.
You should rather call "yast2 bootloader" or create configuration files
appropriate for the intended target

Any recommendations and advise welcomed.

Use grub-install.unsupported

Please consider looking at this article on the subject of reinstalling Grub 2:

Re-install Grub2 from DVD Rescue: https://forums.opensuse.org/content/128-re-install-grub2-dvd-rescue.html

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