Unable to Read Days of Week in KDE Calendar Widget -SOLVED!!

I am unable to easily read the days of the week and the week numbers in the KDE Calendar widget. I have had this problem since updating to KDE 4.2. I thought the problem would be addressed after updating to 4.3, but the issue still persists.

To open the widget, click the time in kicker(the taskbar) and you will most likely not be able to easily read the days of the week and the week numbers, because it is too gray to do so.

Does anyone know of a potential solution to this problem?

Try a different desktop theme, like Oxygen or Slim Glow

Also try right click the clock and Digital Clock Settings
adjust as required.

caf4926, thank you for your help, but I do not have Slim Glow installed, and the Digital Clock Settings do not affect the appearance of the Calendar.

I though Oxygen and Slim Glow were there by default
Right click the desktop and select as here:

Thank you, caf4926! The problem has been solved. I had been unknowingly using the Aya theme and mistook it for Oxygen. How do I mark the thread as solved?

You are welcome. Enjoy;)