Unable to provide dependencies for X2Go packages

The X2Go project repository for Leap 15.1 contains the x2goserver ( and x2goclient packages. However, neither it nor the Leap 15.1 OSS or Update repositories contain the dependencies which these packages require, preventing me from installing X2Go on my Leap 15.1 systems. Even from the Leap 15.0, I could only install the X2Go server, as the repositories didn’t provide all dependencies for the client.

Are any of the following the dependencies you missing?


Else can you post the output from the zypper install command which shows what packages are missing?

Hi again :wink:
I’m guessing it’s nxproxy, which isn’t building;

For x2goclient, yes, it is failing on the nxproxy dependency. For x2goserver, it is failing on the x2goagent dependency.

There is a linked package that a user has fixed (not sure why they don’t submit);

Else raise a bug report about it?

Ah, looks like someone else has already reported something similar.