Unable to open webpage (and view pdf) without acroread

Reading local pdf files with okular.

However, when I visited this site (consisting of a pdf file), I am unable to view the site.

Only, upon installing acroread, the site/file is then visible.

Note that BEFORE installing acroread, the site can be viewed with konqueror.

How can Firefox be configured to view the site without installing acroread?

By setting Okular to handle the pdf mimetype in your FF preferences. Also check the default file handler for KDE4 in the Systemsettings.

Viewing a random pdf file from the internet e.g. www.ssa.gov/online/ss-5.pdf, firefox opened it without problem.

Also check the default file handler for KDE4 in the Systemsettings.

Clicking on a pdf file in dolphin will start okular to view the file, so pdf should be recognised by KDE’s setting.

Forgot to list the actual “problematic” link earlier, here it is 11:48:53 15 Aug 2010 Maybe you can give the site a visit and see what I mean?

By the way, tried the site with Chrome and get the same problem.

On mine, the first ever time i went to a PDF online with FF, it asked me what to do with it: Save or Open With. I chose Open With Okular, and from then on it has always downloaded the pdf to temp, and then opened the file with okular.

Pesonally, I prefer this to what acroread does, which is spawn a plugin inside FF to read it in-situ <shudder>.

EDIT: your link serves up the PDF inside an iframe, via some servlet magic, so maybe it’s fooling FF somehow?

I’ve got okular opening for both FF and Chrome. However, I go to one site that requires acroread to open a form. Download is not an option. So, I vote for servlet magic.