Unable to open wallet when creating new KMail Pop3 account

Lately, KMail has been unable to login to one of my email accounts which has worked fine in the past. I’ve double checked the settings and they are correct. I decided to delete the account and then recreate it. If I use the automated add account dialog, everything seems to get filled in correctly, but I am still unable to login. If I use the custom account dialog, the password field is grayed out and shows the message “Unable to open wallet.” According to the system activity dialog, kwalletd5 is running. I also have several other accounts that work correctly. Could there be some issue with the wallet? I am running KMail 5.24.1 (23.08.1) on Frameworks 5.110.0 and QT 5.15.10. I’m using Wallet Manager (which shows the wallet as open) 23.08.1 and mailtransport, pop3, and kwalletmanager5 are all connected to KDE

Same problem here [KMail 5.22.3 (22.12.3), KWallet Manager 22.12.3]. This does not only affect new mail accounts but also those which have existed for years.