Unable to move window to second screen

I have the following:
OS: Linux x86_64
System: openSUSE 11.4 (x86_64)
KDE: 4.6.00 (4.6.0) “release 6”
with Nvidia 9600gt Using proprietary drivers

Vendor: nVidia Corporation
Model: GeForce 9600 GT
2D driver: nvidia
3D driver: NVIDIA 270.41.06

i just installed openSuse and i have very little experience with linux OS.
I used this guide to setup my two monitors and they are both running ok but i have the following problem:
My mouse pointer can go to the second monitor without a problem, but i can’t move a window there. When i move the window to the edge of the screen it just resizes it. it doesn’t move it to the next screen.

Any idea?

Thank you!

Sounds like you didn’t choose “Twinview” as suggested in the guide, and instead ended up with two Xwindows. Do it again and make sure you select “Twinview” which combines the two monitors into one big desktop, so you’re free to move windows between them.

Thanks a lot! That was exactly the problem… I thought that Twinview was for cloning a screen and not extending it.