Unable to mount JFS file system after LEAP 15.1 upgrade

I have a laptop that previously ran 32-bit Tumbleweed, and I exchanged data with OS/2 using USB thumb drives formatted with JFS. I upgraded to a 64-bit chip and installed LEAP 15.1, and now cannot mount USB thumb drives formatted with JFS. Can I resolve this by editing /etc/modprobe.d/50-blacklist.conf, or is it something more complicated?

Please do this:

  • Unplug the USB device
  • open a terminal window and run

dmesg -ew 

  • Plug in the USB device
  • look at the messages in the terminal window.
  • Copy and paste them here or on paste.opensuse.org

See /etc/modprobe.d/60-blacklist_fs-jfs.conf


Due to the same issue being faced by me, I came across this thread and was able to find a solution. Thanks a lot for your reply and the solution.

It was too big to paste here, so I pasted it [LEFT]on paste.opensuse.org[/LEFT].

It might be useful if you would post a link :stuck_out_tongue:


But see reply by [LEFT]arvidjaar[/LEFT]

I now have support for JFS in root, but when I log in to an unprivileged userid, plug in the JFS thumb drive and select open file manager, I get the message

Could not enter folder /run/media/shmuel/DFS1JFS64.

Does Linux use file permissions for JFS? If so I probably just need to set permissions.

Yes, it does.

This is solution worked when I upgraded to 15.1, but since it is a blacklist, I thought it would be good to move onto a different file-system during the 15.2 upgrade.

This was about 3-4 months ago now and I’ve already had my first corruption while I’ve NEVER had one in using JFS for more than 15 years.

Where can we ask for JFS support back? A Google search shows an external article saying that ‘OpenSUSE is considering blacklisting filesystem’ but I cannot
find the actual discussion. Is it publicly available? Would be good to know what led to the decision because JFS has been incredible stable and reliable while
also delivering very solid performance.


  • Itai

When you want maximum attention to your question then better do not hang it at the end of an old forgotten thread, but start a new thread with the correct prefix (when I understand correct you are not on 15.1 as this thread is about).

Thanks! Done: https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/549860-Recovering-JFS-Support