Unable to login to phpmyadmin how to re-install

I have a VPS that was setup however I am not able to login to the phpmyadmin what what ever reason the default login I tried does not work I get a error #2002 . So I am wanting to uninstall/re-install phpmyadmin however I am not familiar with this OS (I am more familiar with CentOS and Ubuntu). So would anyone have suggestions on the best way to uninstall and re-install/setup phpmyadmin I can access the config.inc.php file of phpmyadmin and I tried even editing that to see if it would just enable me to login but I had no luck.
So I feel just re-installing is my only option.


Welcome to the forums. However, you need to take some trouble to get the best out of them. There is a thread which may help you to answer your question in this forum http://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/497611-phpMyAdmin-tool-is-giving-me-error-message-after-logging-into-the-tool; it would have been better to search the forum before starting a new thread.

Also, if you want help, please try to give some more detailed information about your own setup. Often there are significant differences between different versions.

Without more information - just a wild guess:

MySQL error 2002:

It means either the MySQL server is not running or the socket is not in the place, where phpmyadmin expects it.