Unable to login to GNOME Desktop

I recently upgraded from 11.4 to 12.1 and now I cannot logon to me desktop. It shows me the login screen and logs me in to an empty desktop with just mouse functionality. I was getting an error that said that it was unable to load session “GNOME”. So I though maybe it was because it my graphics card was too old and simply could not handle gnome 3, so I went into yast2 and removed all the packages that I could see that referenced gnome 3. It now get psat the error message but still drops me into a blank desktop with just the mouse. I am not sure what borked my system so any help would be much appreciated. Thank you all.

So while you might just reinstall Gnome perhaps, removing it all and trying to put it back most often does not work for our users. It is my opinion, that you should consider a complete reinstall of openSUSE to fix this problem.

Thank You,