Unable to login after reinstalling openSUSE 14.3 after failed windows install

Hi all,
I’m in a bit of a pickle. I have two problems. I need to install windows 7 to my desktop, which, before this evening, was running openSUSE 14.3 with KDE. I tried to do a windows only install and got an error message - something about windows not being able to read the HD (a relatively new Seagate 500gig HD).
Once I backed out of the installation I found there was no operating system on the drive. I reinstalled openSUSE, opting to ignore the username/password stuff, but when the installation completed, I was presented with a login screen, and nothing I enter, or don’t enter, will get me past this screen.
Any ideas?
And ultimately, I need to be able to do a windows only install on this machine. Any ideas on that?
Thanks in advance,

Do the install again, as a new installation.
You can choose not to format /home

You might want to follow this route











You lost me on slide 6. You show sda1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9. I show only 1, 2, 5, 6 & 7. And I’m not sure what exactly I’m supposed to do here - am I supposed to rename something?

It occurs to me that I should reitterate that the ultimate goal here is to load ONLY windows 7 on this machine. Is it possible that I could do that without reinstalling openSUSE? Or must I do that in order to ready the hard drive so the windows installation CD can read the drive?

You should get Parted Magic, and make a bootable cd with it
Once at the desktop, use the Partition manager to delete all your partitions and create One new NTFS primary and mark it bootable.
Once done, boot the windows DVD and install

Just FYI
downloads – Parted Magic

Thanks for your time. I much appreciate it.
Wish me luck,

Any problems get back to me.
I do this stuff day in day out

On Wed, 10 Jul 2013 02:56:02 GMT
partsabuser <partsabuser@no-mx.forums.opensuse.org> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I’m in a bit of a pickle. I have two problems. I need to install
> windows 7 to my desktop, which, before this evening, was running
> openSUSE 14.3 with KDE.

We’re up to 14.3?! Damn! I think I’ve overslept.

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