Unable to log in as domain user in openSUSE 13.1


Just done installation of openSUSE 13.1 in corporate environment

  • Added system as LDAP client
  • joined system in Windows domain
  • Enabled Kerberos authentication
  • Specified local DC name which holds KDC.
  • I am able to resolve name of local DC by name from this openSUSE pc

But, when I select domain user name, password & DOMAIN name from the list to log in, it shows incorrect password.
I ensured that time on my the desktop is acurate to domain time.

Did several reboots but still unable to log in.

What can be the issue?
Add-on:- I don’t see more than 1 domain in the list in openSUSE. In Windows 7 host I can see multiple domains when I click on the list at login screen.