Unable to install VLC, nor able to play .avi files


I have opensuse 11.1 installed on my HP Compaq NX6320 Notebook. The problem I am facing is that I installed VLC through Yast. When I click on VLC (icon present in More Applications), nothing appears. What I have to do?

Secondly, I am unable to play the .avi files in banshee nor i am able to play them in Kafiene due to the error: ‘Divx mpeg-4 version 5 decoder is missing’. Now from where could I get this codec?

Please guide.



If you have added the VieoLan reposiory (using YaST) then it should work. Use the search function in software management to see if VLC is really installed. Also install libdvdcss, libxine-codecs and win32-codecs. You need these packages to play encrypted multimedia files.

If VLC is really installed then it could be that it’s broken so check if there are any dependency problems.
You can also uninstall VLC and then reinstall it. that helps sometimes.

Close, no cigar. From what I gather, the only thing you should grab from the VLC Repo is the LIBDVDCSS package. Anything else… and your install becomes glass.

In the command line, type vlc and tell me the output.

hmmm… have you done a search in yast for divx? Can you get me the results for zypper lr -d?

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