Unable to install Spotify

Hi everyone, I really like using Leap 15.4 but I need Spotify. Tried by snap which I see is ill advised, and doeasn’t work. Tried via the opensuse leap 15.4 installer page but all the one-click installers use repositories that are no longer updated/used, so how to install Spotify? Or should I be using the Tumbleweed installer?

Hello, I don’t know the Spotify app/program and what it can do more than what is possible on the website, so I ask why not just use the website. I do that as well. I can add music/albums to my favorites, I can play music (not un-important) so I don’t need a special program for it.
Try it and see if you like it. Just log in and you have all your music available for you.

Hi, I have it installed through flatpak and it works perfectly on Tumbleweed.

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I also found that when I used Spotify the flatpak with Tumbleweed worked without issue even through the daily updates.

I have installed spotify by Flatpak and it works OK, so thanks for all the help!