Unable to install speedtouch usb ADSL Modem


I’m trying to install my first linux system. I would like to use it as a server on an old 386 PC.
For the internet connexion (ADSL) i use a Speedtouch USB modem.
When i list the peripheral installed on the system, i see the modem with apparently a driver, but the device is listed as non classified. For me it should be directed to DSL0 but…

According to some tuto i declared a DSL connection, ppp with ATM (VPI8 and VCI35).
I launch the connection with pinternet but the connection failed.

Thank you for your help.



Thanks for th eHOWTO, but i tried the two way without succes. My Modem is still unclassifed. No link with DSL0 or NAS0

Help Please,

How to affect DSL0 to the speedtouch modem?? In which configuration file could i verify the link?


You never said what version of Suse. It can make a difference. It seems unlikely you managed to install 11.2 (the current version) on a 386 system.