unable to install rpm


i have just tryed to install suse 11.3 onto an old machine which is a pentium 4 but whilst the install i had about 100 messages saying that the certen rpms could not be installed. i also kept getting checksum errors. then at the end of the install it said there was an error with the boot loader and i could not install it.

does any one know why this is happaning?


When you first boot the DVD or CD
Did you do this

no i did not but now it will not see the dvd i made a new dvd but it wont see that one as well. i have managed to boot from an old suse 9 DVD

I have to crash now.

But it sounds a bit like ‘Jeffed up’ hardware, because why would it work (sort of) then not?
If the DVD drive is old, you may need DVD-R and not DVD+R

Burn DVD’s very slow.

caf4926 wrote:

> But it sounds a bit like ‘Jeffed up’ hardware

agree, sounds like a hardware problem…bad DVD writer or
reader…(or both)…

look to these resources to find the hints and tips on how to get a
perfect install disk:


now, none of those tips and hints will work for you if your DVD
burner/reader is past its usefulness (and, unfortunately that don’t
seem to last as long as they should)

you might TRY burning a CD (not DVD) at the slowest speed possible,
AFTER checking the downloaded ISO’s md5 sum…and, see if it will boot…

CAVEAT: http://is.gd/bpoMD [posted via NNTP w/openSUSE 10.3]
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problem all sorted now burned a new DVD from a diffrent batch of dvd’s and it install prefectly.
thans for the help