Unable to install Opensuse 11.1


I have had Suse 10.0 and 11.0 up and running with Windows XP on a two hard drive, 64 bit dual-core AMD computer. The drives were a SATA “C” drive (with Windows XP and Linux partitions) and an EIDE “F” drive (backup drive) with GRUB in the MBR of the “F” drive.

The old “F” drive started to fail the S.M.A.R.T. tests and Windows insisted on scanning it at every boot up so I upgraded that drive to a larger (SATA) drive. The “C” drive is not very old and both drives pass the Western Digital (WD) drive tests.

The “F” drive replacement did not go perfectly smoothly (my fault) and I ended up trying to “repair” Suse 11.0.

The Suse 11.0 OS got screwed up and I checked the Suse 11.0 DVD (should have done that first, I know!) and it came back with errors so I decided to get an 11.1 DVD.

Thanks for your patience so far – just wanted to lay out the background.

I get an “error during installation” right near the very end of the install. When I try to reboot after the install I get command lines. I checked the DVD media and memory and both come back clean. I cannot even seem to “fix” (repair) the 11.1 installation. The installer correctly sees the Linux partitions of “root”, “swap” and “home” and recommends formatting the “root” partition which I agree to.

Do I need to do something special with two SATA drives? What other info could I provide to help get this 11.1 installation to be successful?



You must not get the error at installation.

It s a clear sign of installation failure.

Try to repair it using DVDs repair option.

Else try re-install.

It might be the problem u had in 110, surfing again on 111.

Check out that all your hards are clean and working, and your partition structure isnt broken. These can be serious issues to cope up with. Hopefully not.

Else also try to install on one hard at a time, this might give u a clue that the second drive is mal-functioning, this has been a case with one of my freinds here.


I just wanted to report back that I found 2 problems that were stopping the installation.

(1) I had some bad memory. I ran Memtest at first but did not let it run long enough.

(2) I received a (very) bad DVD. Numerous “checksum” errors, etc.

I burned my own DVD on another PC that had the NTFS file system (so it could handle the larger than 4 Gb ISO file size) after checking the md5sum. Then I did the “check media” and the DVD was fine.

The install then went fine and I am running 11.1 and like it.

Hopefully this experience will help Newbies remember how important it is to: check the md5sum, use good quality DVD media, check your memory and run the media check.

Take care,