unable to install Open SUSE Edu li-f-e 11.3

hi, im trying to install/probe this project for a school.I burn the 3.3 (openSUSE-Edu-li-f-e-11.3-3-i686) but it hangs after the first screen , it says in altF3 that cant mount clic and root filesystem.
would you please have some suggestions?
thanks ina dvance…

Did you check md5 sum?

maxcarranz wrote:
> hi, im trying to install/probe this project for a school

did you do this prior to beginning the install?

are you absolutely certain the iso you downloaded exactly matched the
md5sum of the original? if you don’t know how to do that, see the
information on that on these pages:

additional, and probably needed, guidance is available in these forum

and, by the way, if you are not a fairly well seasoned Linux user you
really need to find one to help you, otherwise you will probably fall
back old easy (and VERY expensive–a habit i know most schools would
love to break)…there are Linux User Groups all over the earth, look
here and maybe you be lucky and find an active group Linux using tax
payers chomping at the bit to raise the level of education in their
area without raising taxes: http://www.linux.org/groups/

but hey, i am NOT trying to run you off…just warn you that it won’t
be as easy as unpacking new machines and plugging in some wires…

and finally, next post should be to the correct forum, as that is
where the edu-geeks hang out (it is listed right on

or join the Education IRC channel or mail list, both of which are also
introduced on that http://en.opensuse.org/Education page

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This also sounds like what you see when there’s a DVD ROM driver issue, the BIOS has loaded the kernel & modules but now Linux when running has not been able to read the DVD data to make it accessible using the native OS drivers. clic is a compressed filesystem used to cram the most on a single DVD, and allow speedy live operation. Are you using an internal DVD drive? May be some kind of less usual server hardware that need preperation before an OS install?

To ensure correct media, I always use the verify option when burning disks, though checking the downloaded MD5 sums is no longer necessary with Metalink or Bit Torrent file downloaders.