Unable to install nvidia driver on openSUSE 15.2

I am a user located in China and I have openSUSE 15.2 installed on my PC. I have configured a global proxy for my system (including proxy settings for YasT).

But I can’t install nvidia drivers and every download stalls on a package named ***nvidia-gfxG05-kmp-default ***(the download speed is incredibly slow, only 16KiB/s, but actually my proxy software doesn’t detect any network traffic activity about YasT downloading this package).

How should I solve this problem? If I compile the .run file directly, there is a high probability that I will make a mistake and crash my system.


Which mirror servers are you using for the installation?

Thank you for your reply, after waiting overnight, now the driver is finally downloaded.

According to other users’ replies, the official nvidia source has been having similar problems, so the only option is to wait for the downloader to keep getting it.