Unable to install new version of VirtualBox

I tried to install VirtualBox by using the “Help->Check For Updates” in VirtualBox and then downloading the rpm. When it finished, it popped up a huge error window that was too tall for the screen (and I couldn’t copy the text). It wouldn’t install. It said something about how the files in virtualBox 3.2.6 conflicted with those in 3.0.12.

How do I upgrade to the new version?

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Use zypper if you use VirtualBox OSE from openSUSE or download the
oracle rpm and then, install it using rpm


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yes i have the same problem… how to override those conflicts???

found 2 solutions:

  1. Uninstall virtualbox 3.1 to avoid conflicts and download 3.26, then install it.

  2. Add oracle repo Index of /virtualbox/rpm/opensuse/11.2/ then in yast mark to install 3.26 version and uninstal 3.1 version

apparently it cant be updated… just substituted…

Thanks. A few questions:

  1. If I do the YAST version:
    – How do I mark the old version for uninstall?
    – Do I uninstall first, second or at the same time?
    – Will the uninstall of the earlier version remove any of my currently installed virtual hard disks? (e.g. I currently run Ubuntu and Windows in VirtualBox, will these still be there in the new version?)

No virtual disk files will be touched.

mark by right clicking and choosing.

Note if you did not install via Yast or a one click this may not show in Yast. In which case uninstall via the Virtualbox documentation.

Thanks, that worked!

Everything seems to be working fine. No noticeable improvements though. The graphic rendering is still pretty slow.