Unable to install Mumble 1.2.2


I’m having trouble installing Mumble 1.2.2. I’m running OpenSuse 11.3 (i586).

I started by following the instructions provided on this page : BuildingLinux - Mumble

I followed instruction to compile with GIT. I installed git-core with yast and then entered commands as specified in the referenced page.

The problem comes when I try to use the qmake command (qmake -recursive main.pro). I get a command not found message and after running (cnf qmake) here is the answer I get :

The program qmake can be found in the following package :

  • libqt4-devel chemin : usr/bin/qmake, dépôt : zypp 9repo-oss ]

(My dist is french, “chemin” means “path” and “dépôt” means “deposit”, can you make sense of that?)

So it appears that qmake is installed but I can’t run it in terminal for some reason. Anyone can help?


It’s already built?

If you want to see how, look at the files here;

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so you checked it out of git and did not use the mumble-1.2.2.tar.gz package
The mumble-1.2.2.tar.gz package did not require installing git

did you install qmake ?
did you install the qt development rpm’s ?

also DID you run

qmake main.pro
make release

in the mumble-1.2.2 folder

Thank you MalcomLewis, this installation link worked great the first time.

Glad you have it sorted. As a side note I recommend keep the repositories (if you haven’t already) disabled, then manually keep an eye out for updates. This means keeping your system enabled for the main four:- oss, non-oss, updates and packman.