unable to install linux 12.1 in Dell precision T3500 workstation

i tried to install 12.1 in Dell precision T3500 workstation.
The system hangs during kernel-desktop installation.
can one of you point me where is the problem.
The workstation has Quadro 2000 graphics card.


I have no experience with this hardware, but a quick search revealed


Gentoo Forums :: View topic - Is pci=nocrs bad?

I’m not sure how relevant they are to your situation, but it may be worth trying the ‘pci=nocrs’ kernel parameter at the grub boot prompt.

FWIW, this old bug report too


Thanks deano.
nocrs option didnt help. but adding option nomodeset worked.
The system is booting now.
Thanks again for your help.


My pleasure Raj

nocrs option didnt help. but adding option nomodeset worked.

Ah, then it was a graphics hardware issue. Using nomodeset stops kernel mode detection, and allows a basic framebuffer driver to be used instead. (This is a common scenario with NVIDIA graphics and the kernel trying to load the nouveau driver. In this case it can often be removed again once the install has completed and the proprietary nvidia drivers are installed instead).