unable to install in laptop


I am not able to install open suse 11 in my new hcl laptop , it will boot from dvd but suddenly it wil say **kernel panic and trying to stopn init **.:frowning: Then it will not proceed with installation. Please help me what should i do.

Thanks in advance:shame:

Run the cd or dvd media check.

Try boot option: acpi=off

unable to do that also it says the same error.:frowning:

Unable to do what??
You need to clarify what you have been able to do.

These are the things i tried,

1 In biose i have changed sata option to ide.
2 Tried to boot through “acpi=off” mode and “safe”
3 I tried to do media check also.

But i was getting same error " kernel panic trying to extit init"