Unable to install from DVD/unable to access internet installing from Live USB

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I am having an issue with installing openSUSE 11.3 using two different methods. I managed to dualboot it on my laptop without a hitch, but my desktop is another story.

Installing from Live USB: Installing from USB on my desktop (used this method for laptop install) goes without a hitch. EXCEPT, I notice there is no support for my wireless card chipset (Atheros 7413, used /bin/lspci to find). I download the drivers for Linux, but I need Make to build the drivers…ok. I download the Make files from my laptop, make coffee, slap the makefiles onto a flash drive and run the configure file on my desktop version of SUSE. Whoops, need a c compiler (odd that openSUSE did not come with gcc? bit confused on that). If you can’t tell by now, I’ve been using linux for less than a month so I am what you would call a noob? After the lack of c compiler, I drove to my office to snag some DVDs to download the DVD iso image, hoping it would have some form of c compiler/make packaged, since the description does say the DVD has more software (can’t find any prebuilt versions of either…?)

Installing from DVD: This was my next step. I wrote the iso image to a DVD and proceeded to boot from DVD. The installer fails at the system analysis, saying it cannot “create a repository”. writing the iso to a second DVD produces the same result. Googling has not yielded a solution.

tl;dr can’t use openSUSE on my desktop because my wireless chipset is not suported by SUSE. I need Make to build the drivers, but I need a c compiler to compile Make, and I need the internet to get both for my machine.

I really would like to have openSUSE on both of my machines, but it’s not working out so far. Help would be mucho grande appreciated :slight_smile:

I would request you tell us about your hardware on your desktop, so that we might confirm if it works or not. Computer name & brand and any specific info on network, CPU, speed, memory, hard disk setup, really everything about this PC.

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As jdmcdaniel3 requests more information is requested and helpful. The DVD should boot and begin installing openSuSe even though you’re not connected to the internet, that happens later.

Is it possible you are trying to update an installation on the Desktop? If that’s the case then you have online repos listed that the desktop can’t reach through whatever. Deactivate the former from the previous install and any online repos listed on the DVD to proceed with the installation.

Much of the libraries and compilers are in the software Programming package. This should be listed under software and further specification by clicking on the plus sign. Then the compilers, make, libraries should be installed for you.

Did you do this