Unable to install 11.3 with Compaq Presario.

Hi .
I have looked at post trying to find a fix but the problem is during install get to point were the screen goes black although the installer still working.
The Compaq is a S Model with Nvidia on board 6150LE chipset,this also happens with ubuntu,the computer has 11.2 installed and working fine.I wanted to go to 11.3 for better printer support (HP).I read somewhere regarding removing a program from Kernel which cause problems for older machines.
The motherboard is AMD 64bit Athlon.so not no old?

Why don’t You try to upgrade instead of new install ?

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Hi Greg.
Sorry for sounding a bit thick, but is the upgrade o/s. found in YAST?

You don’t sound thick to me :slight_smile: so that’s not a problem. I was thinking about following these instructions.
SDB:System upgrade - openSUSE

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