Unable to Hibernate (revisited)

Well, I guess that this condition has hit me recently where I reinstalled but didn’t notice if or not a swap partition was created at the time. Having checked the “free -m” command, it would seem that the Total amount of Swap is Zero but the System Monitor indicates 2GB whereas I have 2GB of RAM in this old box. I’m thinking that I need to repartition the opsys partition and add a one for swap but that a daunting task for me with being a Linux Newbie and not being as proficient with GParted as I’d like to be. Then there’s the procedure for adding the option to the Shutdown Menu and it’s all very overwhelming for me at this point in my Linux education.

So, I am hoping that there is a more automated manner in which I could accomplish this task while I try to remember when up to my @ss in alligators that my original intention was to drain the swamp. :slight_smile: Advance thanks for any help.

Nevermind. Got 'er done. GPart worked a treat and moved my files and maintained their integrity so I booted without incident.