unable to have two graphical user workspace. SDDM unable to switch user

Fresh 15.0 install.
SDDM is used.
I have two users.
Click on the “switch user”. Click On the button to switch. Then clicking on the big " + " sign doesn’t work, as it used to work on leap 42.2 .
Bug or feature ?

Personally I think: bug. I vaguely remember there was some thread about this a month ago or so.

You could try another DM, like kdm.

Install using YaST > Software > Software Manager (or zypper).

Change to it using:

update-alternatives --config default-displaymanager

Configuration is possible in /usr/share/kde4/config/kdm/kdmrc. Personally I am interested in


When not satisfied, easy to change back using update-alternatives.

Is this bug filed somewhere ? Where can i vote ofr it ?

Why was SDDM chosen ?

Will i lose features i f use kdm or gdm ?

kdm is still availble but it’s deprecated and no longer developed. So YMMV
gdm will definitely pull in at least half of the GNOME stack.
FWIW: sddm “change user” works smoothly on Tumbleweed.

Use https://bugzilla.opensuse.org/query.cgi to try to find one.

Why was SDDM chosen ?
Probably because upstream is clueless how many users depend on KDM features that SDDM still lacks.

Will i lose features i f use kdm or gdm ?
None that I’m aware of. You will lose a lot of disk space with GDM, not as much with KDM. Other options are KDM3 and LightDM from openSUSE repos, and TDM from the KDE3 fork, Trinity Desktop.


  • With Leap 15.0 on AMD CPU and AMD Video hardware, SDDM locks up when the 2nd User logs out and, when one switches between the two users …

Can’t activate a VT either – have to “SysRq Reboot” …

Funny surprise :
i installed gdm, and went into /etc/sysconfig utilities from YAST2 to set " Desktop > Display manager > DISPLAYMANAGER" parameter to gdm.
And it stil goes with SDDM . Even after reboot…
I know i am an old linux user and maybe not up to date with the new ways to set up xdm, but i fell a bit lost, there.
Still searching…

Just discovered this page : https://en.opensuse.org/SDB:Change_Display_Manager
And used it to run this command :

update-alternatives --config default-displaymanager

And i have my gdm

I explained that in post #2 above. :wink:

And multiple graphical user sessions seems to work , but with an expected way to put the first user on the ctl+alt+F2 terminal and the second on the ctl+alt+F4 …
I learn every day.
Anyway. Thanks to all the persons who kindly helped me ;o)