I am using openSUSE 11.2 (i586) VERSION = 11.2 , with Squid Version 3.0.STABLE18 , I used to regularly take output use of SARG command , but last few days i am getting the following error ,

SARG: Unknown option site_user_time_date_type table
SARG: Records in file: 899511, reading: 100.00%
SARG: getword_atoll loop detected after 0 bytes.
SARG: Line="01/01/1970 05:30:12 239669 239669 CONNECT TCP_MISS/200 +0530 “”
SARG: Record="TCP_MISS/200 +0530 “”
SARG: searching for ‘x9’
SARG: Maybe you have a broken record or garbage in your /tmp/sarg/239669.log file (138).

Please solve me this issue !!

Thanks in advance !!!

On 11/18/2011 03:56 PM, mahe07 wrote:
> openSUSE 11.2

openSUSE 11.2 passed its end of life last May
<http://en.opensuse.org/Lifetime> and you should either install a
supported version (currently 11.3, 11.4 and 12.1–their end of life
dates are listed on the previously mentioned page)…

alternatively, join the Evergreen Project <http6://tinyurl.com/4aflkpy>
to patch your 11.2, and then their mail list for support…

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