Unable to get 11.1 to put boot loader in /boot

I just upgraded from 11.0, with no serious problems, except that YAST insisted on, and continues putting GRUB in the MBR, not in /boot as instructed.

I have had this issue in the past with 10.x, and just accepted GRUB as my primary loader. This time I’m using PQ Bootmagic 8.0,
which is set to choose between XPPro and 11.1.

So far, no matter whether I run an update, or a repair, or just run YAST, the same options are available but the installer won’t use /boot no matter what I’ve tried.

Any suggestions?

Britt Dickoson
San Jose, CA

Try running grub from the terminal,see
Grub not working - openSUSE Forums post #10. Be sure to change the (hd0,1) to the correct hdd/partition.

the above should work unless Suse is on a logical partition then it may not, but it depends on PQ Bootmagic ability to boot to a logical partition.

BootMagic can boot from a Logical partition, plus it can hide partitions from each other, which is the main reason I use it. Plus, it’s a 2001 product that still works! Power Quest put out v8.01 b4 Msoft bought them, but there are better tools that have come out in the last few years: Partition Table Doctor, Partition Commander, and Bart PE have all saved me multiple hard drives, and one or all of them have been necessary with EVERY one of the 20 or so linux installs I’ve done, iff I let Linux have anything at all to do with setting up, resizing, formatting or otherwise messing with one or more NTFS partitions. (This is still true in 11.1, with both updates mentioned in the other thread now installed).

Since I don’t want suse writing MBRs, I decided to try an old trick I remembered from W2000: The Emergency Repair Console. This can be installed on a HD, or booted from the XP CD using a slipstreamed, SP3 copy. I used “fixboot”, rebooted, and to my surprise the black and white grub screen came up, and worked fine. So, windows overwrote something, but not everything, which I do not understand. I tried 1 more repair from the DVD, and still no luck. Doesn’t using it nullify the updates? Or does the repair just write around them? Also, can a linux DVD be kept “current”, ie, can a copy of a DVD on a hard drive have updates applied to it??

Thanks for your resources and time. I’ll leave it this way until I have more time to study up on it.

Britt Dickson

I used “fixboot”, rebooted, and to my surprise the black and white grub screen came up, and worked fine.
“fixboot” would have written MS’s boot code to the XP’s boot partition not to the MBR. To write MS’s boot strap code to the MBR the command is “fixmbr”. But if you want to use “PQ Bootmagic 8.0” then you have to run its program. If every thing is working, I would let it alone. To be sure if you are using MS’s or Grub in the MBR you could look at the raw data.

Doesn’t using it nullify the updates?
I do not use linux enough to say.

Yes, I have used fixmbr as well, but that’s not what I was after this time.

I tried again today with YAST, and with 11.1 plus all current updates, it just won’t do it unless I use your method.

Thanks for that; I’d never have figured it out. I had searched a bunch b4 I posted, but hadn’t hit anything even close.