Unable to finish the install - failure to initialize the software repositories

OpenSUSE neophyte here… I’m trying to install OpenSUSE over a laptop hard drive that previously had Windows Vista as the operating system. Created a bootable install DVD and started running the install on the laptop. Got through the Network Card configuration and was moving through the installation when I ran into this error:

Failed to initialize the software repositories - Aborting the installation.

Any thoughts on how I can rectify this failure?


An idea of what laptop and more importantly the wireless card will aid forum members in helping you. I’m not an expert on these but as I saw no-one had replied yet I thought I’d post :slight_smile: Have you tried a wired install as well? I realise this isn’t always possible but if this works others can take it from there. Also thinking about it, is the dvd a “Live cd”? If so can you access the internet from it?