unable to edit track information in amarok

i am using opensuse 11.everything was fine.a couple of days back i changed my hard disk and so i had to do a new installation.
now i am unable to edit the track information.i get a “file not writable” messsage.although the user has write access to the drive.
any ideas??

Assuming the permissions are correct, did you rebuild the database? I am not sure where amarok keeps its database, but maybe it is looking in an old one from the previous installation.

I got similar problem with audio files that was copied over the net, and so I assume, you copied your music from the old HDD. Am i right? :slight_smile:
Have you checked permissions for folder/files with your music? Try to give write permission not only to the catalogue with files, but also to files inside.

finally got it…
well i copied my files from dvd’s.the problem is not with permissions.i guess it is with the taglib and xine-lib.i updated those and restarted my pc and i am able to edit the files now…