Unable to drag items using touchpad

Hello everyone.

I’ve recently installed 13.1 on my Asus K53SD laptop. Everything seems to work fine except that I’m unable to use touchpad for dragging any items.

Initially when I double tap and move my finger on the touchpad, the item (icon or window) gets carried by the cursor and starts to move with it. But then, after few tenths of a second, the cursor stops dragging the item which seems to just drop to its new position (not far from where it started) and the cursor keeps following my finger movement. As a result, I have to make several small steps to move a window rather than being normally able to do it in one smooth swipe of the finger.

I hope I’ve made the problem clear. It is worth mentioning that dragging using the touchpad buttons (instead of tapping) works just fine.

Any help is appreciated.