unable to download repositories

Just reinstalled kde 11.3 on second hd. Everything seems to be okay except for getting additional repositories. Under yast I get the message unable to download list of repositories or no repositories defined. Any ideas on what I can check?
Thanks, Mike

Every thing connected to Internet and working?

I had that today as well. On one occasion the installation complained about the wrong signature for one of the 11.3 repositories, then it complained about not being able to find some packages (turned out somebody had updated the repo with a newer version between my downloading the index and the installation getting around to trying to install the package), then at various times they were intermittent.

I believe I saw an announcement the other day about some maintenance on (build|downloads).opensuse.org on Saturday 21st, but I cannot find it now.

Similar issue - internet fine as can post here.


openSUSE News » Server maintenance next Saturday, the 21 August

We will have a service outage this saturday (21 August) due to work on power supply in one of our server rooms. This means the following services will not be accessable on that day:

* build.opensuse.org
* api.opensuse.org
* software.opensuse.org
* stage.opensuse.org
* hermes.opensuse.org
* users.opensuse.org
* board.opensuse.org

The content on download.opensuse.org will come from a fall back system and will not get updated during saturday.

To me this means the repositories should be fine…


All internet ok. No issues with anything else.

Have you turned off ivp6? Sometimes ISP’s don’t like that.

hmm just checked here and I can not connect either. Seems the servers are down. Connected to packman no problem OpenSuse repos barf.

Same here. Trying to add community repositories and can’t.


Tried turning off ivp6 and that did nothing for it. I did however get the repos added by using the one click install for the restricted formats that I needed from here. Restricted Formats/11.3 - openSUSE Community Wiki
Manually added the nvidia repo. All is good, but I still can’t get any repos added through the community repositories.

When I removed all my repos last night then manually re-added all was fine for me - still working today.


The base OpenSuse via mirror are still up but the extra personal supported are down for a scheduled update. Should be backup tomorrow or Monday.