Unable to download primary.xml.gz


Additional Information on the update problem:

Modem Update via Yast und KDE-Updater Applet fail because the indicated file cannot be loaded from the opensuse.org repositories.

Neither can the file be loaded directly over explorer via Save… and selecting target directory.

The modem is no ISDN but simply analogous at 44k approx.

The installed OpenSuse 11.1 is that indicated in


So I have KDE 4.2.1

Neither the linux-repository nor the internet connection appears to be the reason of the problem but some internal misbehaviour which causes a collapse of the download of exactly this file after approx. 20%.
The indicated byte-count of break-down is variable.

The reason for this assumption is, that the file can be downloaded without any problem using a Windows DFÜ over the same provider and dial in number.

It may be that the signals from linux to the provider differ from those from windows. I had occasional trouble with downloads via arcor-dial-in being simply closed on midstream.

However this seems to be no problem of data-transfer but of the connection itself. When downloading the file indicated on top, the connection is not closed. There is a transmission error indicated.

This all may not be sufficient to give me a remedy, but in summary the problem seems to be inside-the-box, so inside OpenSuse 11.1. Would be interesting checking this out with KPPP but this cannot be installed because something is not on the DVD. Anyway KPPP is always quite slow (<22K). I don’t understand why KPPP doesn’t use the full performance of the modem whereas KInternet does it perfectly.

By the way: It may be generally a bad and dangerous habit trying to update OpenSuse via Modem. The point is, that with each clean installation of openSuse I am used to add some multi-media repositories. So at least in this very early phase an update is necessary. My personal feeling is, that later the health of my system constantly gets from bad to worse with each new update. So after some weeks I would indeed do better not updating any more.

Summary: Currently I feel unable to access additional repositories because they would certainly require the latest version which cannot be established via update.

The link for the file you are trying to download is broken, but I found your older post of the same subject and the link there was fine and the file downloads fine.

Problem is, I’m trying to figure out exactly what you want. It seems you installed from some media other than that you can download from opensuse.org and as for the nature of your post, it puzzles me.

i do not understand…

i look at http://download.opensuse.org/update/11.1/repodata/
in a browser and see that primary.xml.gz 20-Jul-2009 16:04 which you
want/need is 1.9M–and, i look on my desktop where i just downloaded
a copy to, and see my copy is 1.9M and can only guess/assume that you
have something wrong with your system; network; router; firewall; or
ISP…because the download here is perfect…and FAST!

i do not know, but maybe you should be positing in

or, have you tried a mirror near (or far away from) you…maybe the
‘problem’ is in the generic (auto-shifting) download.opensuse.org

for a try pick any from

or heck, i would EMAIL you a copy if i knew your address…and you
promise to be nicer than your first snooty post!


Yepp, I am far away from expecting help. In my opinion the explained problem is too subtil to be fixed without advanced means. If a magazin offers a linux distribution, at least the automatically installed repositories should do.

So, don’t think about the reason nor will I but remember my problem if the next user complains. I am posting this report from another computer. Else I could offer you the exact error message popped up by Yast. I searched for the message on the web and there were other people reporting the same problem. The occurence was not restricted to 11.1. This seems to occur randomly. At the beginning of juin the same automatically installed repositories and the indicated files did still work.

I hope this all is no nasty interrupt problem. I got this impression because GNOME refused to activate german keyboard with dead keys whereas KDE has trouble to recognize my sound board (doesn#t work, however Cafeine plais music).

Well: Will stop it here. Good day

Yepp, I am far away from expecting help
So why did you post here?
Or do we have a language issue.

In my opinion the explained problem is too subtil to be fixed without advanced means.
Umm…So maybe you have that advanced means? I hope so, because I haven’t the foggiest what you are on about! But maybe my knowledge is too limited.

> My personal feeling is, that later the health of my system
> constantly gets from bad to worse with each new update. So after
> some weeks I would indeed do better not updating any more.

that is just silly…i’ve been running openSUSE 10.3 for about a year
and a half and update it EVERY time the openSUSE Updater asks
permission to do so…

and, so far (knock on wood) i’ve never had it break or even slightly
cripple my system…

BUT, i am NOT running KDE4 or anything else which is in a CONSTANT
state of flux…and, as suggested by the gurus here i have only FOUR
repos active…

i think it more likely that your constantly worse openSUSE system
‘health’ is a PEBKAC error…

AND, my install came from a disk attached to Linux Format Magazine…