Unable to create repository...

I think you need to focus on recovering windows because you can easily reinstall openSUSE if required.

Did you backup your documents in windows? If not you may want to do so before continuing. You may find openSUSE has already mounted your windows partition under something like /windows or /mnt/windows.

If not mount it yourself: mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda2 /windows
You should then be able to access your windows files and back them up if required.

Do you have your windows disk? Perhaps you could try to recover windows with that?

i thought of that but i cant find it at the moment… Do most computers come with it? i remember that xp disk came with my xp but my parents bought the vistas and i dont know where they would have the discs. If i can find the boxes they came in theyre probaly there.

ok it looks like i can acess windows files. I can get to C:drives folders its just that linux cant read them, and i dont know how to configure them with programs. i wonder ic i can fix it by using linux and removing certain files? Can somone help me with this.

Ok i called this guy from my local internet provider and he said that i could probably just change grubs options. The only problem is that i dont know how to do that… especially from opensuse. When i pick windows 1 it goes to show two options. Microsoft Windows Vista, and OpenSUSE 11.0 . It then, even if i pick windows, goes automatically to the dvd version of the setup of opensuse. I think i can change this with grub, but i have no idea how to acess grubs options or settings.