Unable to create bootable USB drives with SuseStudio iso images


I am attempting to use SuseStudio “preload” and “live” .iso images and the instructions at SDB:Live USB stick - openSUSE to create a bootable USB drive.

dd_rescue ends after the expected amount of time–without reporting errors–yet “fdisk -l” reports that the device does not contain a valid partition table. The USB key does not boot and appears to have no data.

For what it’s worth, my build host is Gentoo on 2.6.39, and I have the latest dd-rescue available. The USB disk is a PNY attache 4GB and works fine with any ISO’s supported by unetbootin. The only other bare metal I have here is a netbook running Mepix, so I can’t make use of solutions that start with “Boot your existing OpenSuse workstation…”

If you have any suggestions, please advise!




I got the same results from my netbook. I also verified that the ISO image is “good” by burning it to a CD-R and booting it on my workstation. Too bad I don’t have an optical drive in the install target!!


I had the same problem a few weeks ago, because the disk/stick was formatted to Fat32.
The Bios just wouldn’t handle this. Try to partition the USB stick (if it is larger than 2 GB) and format the first partition to FAT, then install the image.



I tried dd with various existing partition schemes in place; 4GB, 1GB, ext2, vfat, empty table, no table at all, etc etc… Perhaps I should get my hands on another flash drive to test before I go any further. In the meantime, I installed an optical drive so I could keep the project rolling. :wink: