unable to connect to wi-fi on mate; security protocols missing

Hi all,
I just have installed and updated tumbleweed with KDE and MATE desktops. With KDE, I can connect via wi-fi without problems, but, via MATE, I cannot connect to the same wi-fi network. On MATE, the reason I cannot connect to the network is that the security protocols are missing, as show in this picture

However, with both desktops, I can connect via Ethernet.

Any help will be much appreciated.


You apparently could use nmtui for setting up the connection.

Although, if it is already configured (in Plasma e.g.), it should just work I think.

Thanks for the help.
With nmtui I can connect, but after each reboot, I have to go through the whole process.

Maybe it would help to make it a system connection?
(i.e. activate the option “Available to all users”)

Alternatively, you might also try to switch to Wicked (replacement for the former ifup method) instead and set up the connection in YaST.
YaST->System->Network Settings

It seems that if in nmtuit I activate the option: Available to all users, it works!
So far, after two reboots, it has worked.