Unable to connect to server

I’m new to all this. Created a web server on OpenSuse Leap 42.2. I’ve checked that apache (httpd) service is running. I’ve also checked that port 80 is open and listening. I also disabled firewall for testing purposes. Yet when I try to connect to server from another machine using IP address there is no connection. I’m using yougetsignal Port Forwarding Tester as well as firewallruletest.com to try and establish tcp connections. I would be grateful for any suggestions as to what else I should do to establish connection.

Did you set up your webserver using YaST?
You might have to add the YaST module either in Software Management or run the following in a root console

zypper in yast2-http-server

After that,
You can clearly enable/disable your firewall and see what IP address your webserver is bound to.
You need to bind your webserver to your LAN IP address, not your localhost( address.

One quick way to test whether you have anything running on your machine that’s actively listening on the normal webserver port is to run netstat, the following should return the entry with your IP address and port

netstat -l | grep 80

You also don’t need to use special tools to test your network connections, become familiar with using telnet for basic network probing(just never use telnet in place of SSH for doing more than probing).