Unable to connect to PPP connection


I am using openSuse 12.2 to try and set up a PPP connection using BSNL. I am able to access the modem’s settings using However, I am not able to dail using either Yast/QPPP or using Gnome-network manager. QPPP seems to be dropping the line saying it is getting terminal signal 15. I would prefer to set it up using Gnome-network manager. Any ideas how to dial using it?


It would have been useful for you to tell us more about the connected modem device. Is it USB-connected? If so, provide the chipset


I wonder if your device behaves as in this recent thread?


No, my modem device is connected through ethernet port. Giving the command ifconfig shows me that the eth0 interface is up and working.

Still not enough information! Is this device an ADSL modem? If so, you don’t need a dialling utility, but should be able to configure via the network manager, or if you prefer to use ‘ifup’, via YaST>>Network Devices>>Network Settings. Usually, the modem is set to act as a DHCP server, in which case it should assign an IP address for you.

How to: BSNL Broadband Wireless (WiFi) Configuration | Step by Step

Yes, it is an ADSL modem (ADSL 2 router to be precise). I also have Windows installed on my machine, and I have to dial to get access to the internet. As shown in the above link, I am able to access But I am not able to browse the web.

Thanks for looking into this. If you need any more information, I will be happy to provide them.

I think you mean that your ADSL modem/router requires you to connect via PPPoE (with username/password), rather than handling this authentication itself. (Most broadband connections are always connected.)

Maybe the YaST >> DSL utility will allow you to configure the connection.

Maybe this is what you’re after…

How-to configure a PPPoE Broadband Internet Connection in OpenSuSE 11.0