Unable to connect to display on login

After updating to 42.3, after boot I am presented with a black screen with the mouse cursor. By using Ctrl+Alt+F1 I can login to the command line.

I have tried booting with ‘nomodeset’ in the grub entry, but this results in the same outcome.

What are my options?

you need to see the Xorg.log file which will point you in the right direction - your screen is essentially broken.

What did you “update to 42.3” from?

Please share here, logged in as root after Ctrl-Alt-Fn, output from the following using code (# ) tags:

if !  -x /usr/bin/inxi ] ; then echo y | zypper in inxi ; inxi -Gxx; journalctl -b | grep -i failed

Also provide us with your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file in same manner, or using the susepaste command (or equivalent uploading) and providing here a link to it.