Unable to configure network card

Hello !
I’m new in Linux… And this is my first trouble:

In Yast:
Unable to configure network card because kernel device is not present

Network card: RT8139B

On the Realtek’s official site instead of driver to download only note
“Linux driver (driver has built-in the kernel)”
( Realtek )
System - Opensuse 10.3, kernel .
So, I can’t configure ethernet adapter - it’s unable to press “Configure” in Yast → Network Settings on this device… :frowning:

Pls help !

It’s listed on this page
HCL/Network Adapters (Wired - openSUSE

For the time being, whilst the main servers are down
Disable all your repo’s in Yast - Just leave the DVD enabled

Now try to configure

What to disable ?
What’s “repo” ?

Go to Yast - Software - Repositories

In the list will be the dvd you used to install with and probably Updates and OSS maybe some others.

Check each and uncheck enable and refresh on all BUT the dvd

Now try and configure your card
Yast - Network Devices - Network Settings