Unable to change session or users when logged in.

Using Leap 42.1 with KDE 5. After logging in to a KDE session with User A I am unable to change sessions and log in with a different user. Pressing the new session button will lock the screen and not provide an option to login as another user.

Also if the screen is locked due to inactivity pressing the new session or change session options will only allow you to to create a new session as the current user who is already singed in. Oddly enough if you were to do this and the log out you are left with a black screen, though I can still ctr-alt-f1 to a virtual terminal to shutdown.

I have this issue on both machines I have Leap installed on and am wondering if anyone else is experiencing this too.

Are you using the standard packages included in Leap, or did you add an additional repo to get the latest versions?

It should work in Plasma 5.4.3 as contained in Leap.
With 5.5.x the session switching has been completely reworked though, and I can confirm that pressing the “New Session” button has no effect here (I’m on 13.2 but that shouldn’t matter) when I choose “Switch session” from the application menu. It works fine from the lock screen though.

Still with 5.4.3. Maybe I will try to reinstall cause it does not seem to be a issue for most people.

Tried another computer and it seem to work fine.

Thanks for your reply though

Might be an issue with the graphics driver and/or the display manager.

There are no problems switching to a different VT with Ctrl+Alt+Fn and back to the graphical session with Ctrl+Alt+F7, right?

Which displaymanager/login screen are you using?
Try to install kdm and set it in /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager.