unable to change permissions

hi,im having a problem with changing permissions.
im using open suse 11.1.im used to using nautilus to do this
on another distro,however i dont know what to use on suse?
basically im trying to add a folder and scripts to blender.
any help would be appreciated!!
Rick >:(

you can use Nautilus here also…

however, if the files you want to change are outside your own /home
directory you will probably need root powers…

do that simply by launching nautilus this way:

-hold down the Alt key and press F2
-in the resulting pop-up blank, type

gnomesu nautilus

-give the root password when asked, then press enter
-nautilus with root powers will pop up

CAREFUL what you change, move, delete etc…and, don’t forget that
that particular instance of nautilus is very powerful (and dangerous)…

-welcome- to openSUSE


Thanks,thats what i was looking for!
im very carful with files!