Unable to change my email address from the settings page.

When I visit the page: Edit Email & Password. And set my new email address after entering my password I get page that says:

The password you have entered does not match your current one. Please press the back button, enter the correct details and try again. Don’t forget that the password is case sensitive. Forgotten your password? Click here!

There seems to be something wrong. I’ve been getting this message ever since the forums got updated. At first I thought that it might be an upgrade glitch and will be fixed soon. But its still not working. Any suggestions where should I be looking for help?

I’ll bring this to the attention of out Technical Mastermind aka kgroneman who will take action for you

Email and passwords are changed via Novell

Thats for the Novell account. That is different from the forums account.

I just told you it’s not.
Your forum login is controlled at the Novell end

Carl is right, you can change all this in Novell site. This forum database does not store any information about accounts, so i guess some pages will not work as it should.
Login page of this forum and user data?

As these are synced together, it also cofused me which data is stored where regarding users account. As one can change the basic information here in this forum, but not the accounts info.

Hi Abhishek. I’ve changed your email address in the forums to match your openSUSE/Novell login account. If you want both accounts changed to the gmail address, send me a private message here on the forums with the information and I’ll change it in both places to ensure they match.

OK. Thanks. That’s just what I was trying to do. Thank you for the help.
BTW, were you guys able to fix the problem?