unable to boot - root not found

Im trying to boot into my system but its not finding my root partition. The partition is there but it seems ive broke it, most likely when ive been booting into another operating system.
Is there a way I can reset my partition as root again from the repair terminal?

The grub menu is there? The boot options for OS.
Which other OS you are using.

yes the grub is present and it starts to boot. It seems ive misread the fault

its says :

fsck failed for at least one file system (not /)

it also has a load of text references to my phone. It just so happens last night before I shut it down I was setting up a ext2 partition on my phones memory card to try the android system.

Still, ive tried plugging it in during the bootup, it does see it but im still unable to load to my desktop

Ive manged to fix it.

booted up with a live CD and edited the reference to the memory card in the fstab file. Now my pc has booted ok