Unable to boot - Hided all partitions with Grub

I have several partitions on my hard disk.

The first is WinXP, then an extended partition with NTFS as D:, the Linux swap partition, the Linux partition, a FAT partition where I tried to install DOS.

This looked like this as I recall:
sda1 - C: ntfs
sda2 - ext
sda3 - swap
sda4 - Linux
sda5 - D: ntfs
sda6 - FAT

I tried the hide command of Grub to hide all partitions but the FAT partition in menu.lst. This did not boot DOS from the FAT partition but hided all partitions so Grub will no longer boot but report error 17.

Is there a way to unhide the partitions again? This is a bit difficult since the system does not boot. I can boot the Suse installation CD but do not know how to unhide the partitions from this.

OK - problem solved:

download supergrub image, burn CD and boot from it. Press c quickly to get to command line interface. Enter unhide (hd0,0) followed by unhide (hd0,1) etc.