Unable to boot - GRUB2 wrong directory and mkinitrd problem


Yesterday I updated the kernel to the current stable one, and couldn’t boot afterwards. I’m running 32bit OpenSUSE, with Tumbleweed repositories.

The boot menu included only a grub2 entry; before, I had “default” and “failcase” options too, but they were missing.

On examination (with a live CD) I found that the menu entry was looking for /boot/grub2/core.img but the actual path should have been /boot/grub2/i386-pc/core.img – but changing it “on the fly” didn’t solve the problem either.

I managed to go back (with YAST) to an earlier version of the kernel, but then there was no initrd file.

Is grub2 totally unsafe today? Is there a solution?

Did you update mkinitrd too?

I’m running 32bit OpenSUSE, with Tumbleweed repositories.

Tumbleweed has own forum actually.

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That is where the people are supposed to understand the differences between standard openSUSE and Tumbleweed. Non Tumbleweed users here will often be reluctant to answer Tumbleweed questions because they do not use it, often do not understand what it is, and thus are afraid to offer the wrong help.

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