Unable to boot because boot sequence ends with system-shutdown

This may be HW specific issue because it’s happening to me and my college. We have both new laptop Dell Precision 3561 with updated openSUSE Leap 15.3.

Not always but every few day after standard shutdown the laptop is not able to boot. Boot sequence starts normally but at the end it suddenly shutdown itself via systemd-shutdown. Moreover this boot is not recorder in journalctl --boots. I am only able to take a picture with my phone.

Eventually I am able to boot after many tries. Not sure what actually help. I did try old kernel, recovery mode, booting into multi-user runlevel, nomodeset, by switching between prime-select intel/nvidia a by pluging and unplugging display cables.

The system has Secure Boot On and has encrypted filesystem.

What could cause this system-shutdown in boot?

Try to update firmwares: https://www.dell.com/support/home/en-uk/product-support/product/precision-15-3561-laptop/drivers

hmmm, the 3561 is quite new, you can still order it, I would not expect any problems, but if there is a newer BIOS no harm in trying that. Is the system dual boot or Leap-only?

BIOS is up-to-date acording to dmidecode (Version: 1.6.0). I did update it from Windows on the first day when I got the laptop. Which answers the second question, I have dual-boot with Windows.

I had a theory it is caused by secure boot and missing signature from nvidia kernel module after an update of kernel or nvidia drivers, and/or secure boot configuration in BIOS, but I am less and less sure about that.

Are you mounting the Windows partition?? If so could be that fast boot is on in Windows and causing a failure to mount…On the other hand you may need a newer kernel for cutting edge hardware.

What about

Micron 3400 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive Firmware Update


Windows partiotion is encrypted also and I am not mounting it. What is the recommended way to update a kernel? Use kernel RPM from Tumbleweed?

About that Micron 3400 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive Firmware Update. I’ve changed the SSD for Samsung SSD. Its firmware is updated via Windows’ Samsung Magican.

Use this repo for kernel upgrade: https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/Kernel:/stable:/Backport/standard/