Unable to assign meta key after Plasma 6.1 update

Hello fellow Suse users,
Before the Plasma 6.1 update, I used to open the Overview with the meta key, using this

kwriteconfig5 --file kwinrc --group ModifierOnlyShortcuts --key Meta "org.kde.kglobalaccel,/component/kwin,,invokeShortcut,Overview"

After the 6.1 update, that no longer works.
I thought being able to assign the meta key by itself was a new feature in 6.1, but I’m not able to make it work at all.

These are the steps I’ve tried so far

  • Un-ckeck “Meta” under the Activate Application Launcher
  • Created a new user account
  • Created a tumbleweed VM

Any ideas?
Thank you!

Is this what you call overview?

If so, try “Meta + w”.
You can find it under: “System configurations → Keyboard → Shortcuts → KWin”.

Thanks for your reply.

This is what I’m referring to. In Plasma 6.1, we are able to assign modifier-only keys to shortcuts.

Previously, I had only tried to add it through the Desktop Effects screen, where it won’t accept the keypress.
Perhaps this is just a lingering bug from the 6.1 update.

I didn’t realize there was a second location to change the shortcut. I just tried it in the kwin shortcuts screen and the keypress was accepted.

All is well in Overview land.
Thank you!

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Please, mark as resolved.

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I did just switch from Fedora 40 KDE spin towards OpenSuse Tumbleweed with KDE.
If I try the overview (like mentioned above through Meta W), the workspaces are shown at the left side of the screen and not on top. Is this also a setting somewhere ?
Thanks in advance,

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If you change this from 2 rows to 1 row, they will be side to side instead of top to bottom.

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Thank you very much !
Indeed, this is the solution :wink:

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