unable to access my folder and view my files properly

Sir I am having a folder of size 27.8gb which contans 555000 jpeg files and 132000 folders.I am able to access all my files on nautilus file manager and also when I see the folder properties in nautilus it is showing correctly.I am unable to view all my files in dolfin file manager and windows explorer I mean when I view the properties of this folder it is showing file count as 435000 of size 25.7gb.

The folder is stored on usb external harddisk of size 1TB formatted as ntfs with single partition.

Please help me to solve this issue.


So are you using kde or gnome?

Can I suggest you use windows to scan the drive for errors

which check I have to perform normal or chkdsk /f in elevated mode.

While I am operating on gnome I opened both nautilus and dolfin file managers to view properties of the same folder.

I don’t use windows but isn’t there a option in My Computer where you see the USB drive > right click > Properties
Then in that box check disk or scandisk or some such

If you use gnome it’s best to use Nautilus IMO

thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions.